Hofner Beatle Cavern and Revolution Basses

500/1 Hofner Beatle Bass - Hofner Revolution Bass - Diamond Logo Pickups - Cavern Pickup Spacing


Hofner Revolution and Beatle Bass Configurations from the Hofner Custom Shop

we take hofner custom shop 500/1 bass  orders

Are you looking for a special Hofner Bass ?

The Beatle Bass Dealer has created a Hofner 500/1 bass configuration to meet the demanding needs of the Beatle Bass purist.  We utilize the U.S. Hofner custom shop to recreate create Hofner classics.  The Hofner custom shop imports German components then their custom ship Luthiers hand build bases to recreate classic Beatles models.   Contact us for current lead times which are provided by Hofner.


The 1961 Hofner 500/1 Revolution Cavern Bass:  This is a reproduction of Paul McCartney's first bass which was a 1961 flat back model 500/1 which he used on "Let it Be" and "Revolution" and is often seen in 1968 Revolution promo videos.  It was repaired in 1964 and is often seen with a large black pickup bezel added as part of the repair.  Unfortunately the bass was stolen during the filming of "Revolution" in 1968. 

Our Revolution Bass starts with a 1961 flat back body, neck and hardware from Hofner Germany, add 2 diamond logo pickups with close to the neck "cavern" spacing, and finish the bass in a "revolution bass" nitrocellulose sunburst finish resulting in the ultimate "Revolution" Beatles Bass.  Specs also include 30" scale, solid hand carved top and original vertical logo.

The bass also includes a custom shop serial number, Hofner warranty and Hofner factory case. 

We are currently not accepting orders for this bass as Hofner has just introduced a 61 reissue bass with significantly shorter lead times.  Please visit our 61 Hofner bass page.



We sell the hofner 500/1 beatle bass, reissue basses and hofner verithin guitars.       
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