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order a hofner custom shop bass, finished in the usa with german components.  Custom colors and pickup spacing.  Order a custom shop bass.
Do you want a Hofner bass that's out of the ordinary ?  Why not place a Hofner custom shop order and configure your own bass.  In addition to Beatles basses we can provide a Hofner bass in practically any solid or sunburst finish you can imagine.   You can also specify pickup spacing, side dots, and base year for neck and body.


The USA Hofner custom shop process:  The custom shop starts with an unfinished hand crafted German built body and neck as well as German components.  They ship all components to the USA Hofner custom shop where a single Luthier is dedicated to all aspects of construction.  The custom shop will add options like side dot markers then finish the bass in the custom color of your choice then finish the bass in nitrocellulose lacquer.  Hardware is then added and you can even request cavern spacing and diamond logo pickups (an additional fee is required for pickups).   Hofner custom shop instruments have a full Hofner warranty, custom shop serial number and factory Hofner case.

    hofner custom shop luthier  

Options and Prices:  Please contact us for a custom shop quote.  Start by picking a 500/2 Club or 500/1 German built bass (any non-CT series) decide the color you want (any solid, metallic or burst is possible as long as you can show us the color so we can replicate it), select pickups (staples or diamond logos) and pickup spacing (cavern or post 61 spacing) then determine if you want side dot markers and let us know your configuration then we will send you a price.  It's probably best to contact us via email so we have a record of your configuration but you are always welcome to call our shop during store hours (see below).

Lead Times and Deposits:  We require a non-refundable 25% deposit on all custom shop orders.  Delivery times are provided by Hofner, please contact us for current lead times.


Hofner Custom Shop Gallery - Here are a few sample custom shop Basses. The custom shop can build any current production bass in any solid, metallic or sunburst pattern as long as an image of the desired color is provided. Cavern pickup spacing and diamond logo pickups are also options. Please contact us for a custom shop quote.
An amazing wide Euroburst custom shop violin bass.  This 64 bass was build with Cavern spaced toaster style pickups and a wider than normal Euroburst Lacquer finish.
hofner custom shop 500-1 violin bass in natural amber
Hofner Custom Shop 500/1 violin bass in beautiful natural finish with tinted binding and black highlighting.
500/1 hofner beatles bas in euroburst
Here's a Hofner custom shop 500/1 V62 lefty violin bass with the pick guard not installed. This bass is finished in a "Euro" burst which is a bit darker than a standard 1962 German reissue.
honfer custom shop club bass in natural

Another natural bass, this one is a 500/2 club bass in a natural finish.

custom sunburst club 500/2 hofner bass
Here's a custom shop version of the 500/1 club bass in a lighter tone sunburst. It is also set up with cavern pickup spacing which can used on any custom shop bass. The binding on this bass has actually been tinted to match the burst of the body. The photos do not do this bass justice!
custom shop euroburst bass with pick guard
Here's another custom shop 62 Lefty handed bass in Euroburst this time with the pick guard installed.
custom shop 500/2 club with custom sunburst finish
Here's another 500/2 custom shop club bass in an amazing dark sunburst with cavern pickup spacing and diamond logo pickups.
Here's Tom Petersson's famous Gold top custom shop bass.   The back is finished in Cherry and the top is Gold.  Hofner can take any custom shop bass and add a 3rd pickup, how cool is that!

We sell the hofner 500/1 beatle bass, reissue basses and hofner verithin guitars.       
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