Hofner Euroburst
Basses vs.
Sunburst Basses

The Hofner 500/2 German club bass reissue, buy one online on sale.
The similarities and differences between a Hofner Euroburst violin bass and a Sunburst violin bass


Hofner Euroburst bass vs Sunburst

The Hofner Euroburst Bass - We receive a lot of questions about the differences between the Hofner Euroburst bass and a regular Sunburst bass finish.
  Here in the USA (and we presume world wide) the Euroburst bass is finished at the USA Hofner custom shop, all standard reissues are build and finished in Germany.

The Euroburst has a much wider burst which is much closer to a light violin finish than a traditional sunburst finish. You will notice that a Euroburst has very little yellow in the middle of the body when compare a standard German Sunburst bass.  You will also notice the Euroburst has darker sides as it's a wider burst pattern.  Compare the two basseson the upper right side, there's a dramatic difference.

The Euroburst can be applied to any German bass built in the custom shop including club basses.

Other than a slightly different neck angle the overall custom shop specs and components are the same as a German bass.  The custom shop can change bass color, the pickup type (toaster style or staple), pickup spacing (cavern or standard) and they can even add a 3rd pickup.


Please contact us for more information on how to order a Hofner Euroburst or any other custom shop bass.





Hofner Comparision of Euroburst bass and sunburst bass

Standard German reissue (left) vs a Euroburst (right)

We also stock the CT series sunburst club which comes in black, sunburst and cherry red, please contact us for availability !

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