Hofner Basses:
1958 H500/1 V58
Violin Bass

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 Discontinued - Hofner Limited Edition 1958 Bass Reissue 500/1 - Discontinued
V58 Violin Bass H500/1-58-0

We're not sure why but Hofner has discontinued the 58 reissue.  This was a limited Edition Hofner bass, model 500/1 1958 V58. Classic Vintage Sunburst Finish, 2 shadow Bar pickups for feedback free loud vintage tone. Cavern Spacing, awesome oval control panel, two on a strip tuners, flat back and vertical logo.  Based on Hofner 1958 500/1 bass specs. 

We're hoping they build a batch in the future.  If you're interested in a 58 bass please let us know and we will put your name on a 58 want list and we will notify you if Hofner decides to build more.


Wood Top: Spruce
Wood Back: Flame Maple
Wood Sides: Flame Eye Maple
Centerblock: None
Modern Shadow pickups in vintage form factor for
superior tone

Wood: Flame Maple/Beech/Flame Maple

Wood: Rosewood
Scale: 30"/76cm
Nut Width: 42mm
Number Of Frets: 22

Pickup Neck: Hofner Black Bar (shadow modern)
Pickup Bridge: Hofner Black Bar (shadow modern)

Not currently in production
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  hofner 1958 limited editoin 500/1 bass saleHofner Vintage 1958 Reissue H500/1-58 Violin Bass Model H500/1-58-0
58 flat back 500/1 bass, a German reissue model.

We're sorry to say Hofner has decided to discontinue this bass

We sell the hofner 500/1 beatle bass, reissue basses and hofner verithin guitars.       
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