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Hofner Contemporary Basses - The CT Bass Series Overview
Comparison of CT basses vs Hofner German Basses

With the introduction of the Hofner President and Verythin basses in 2011 Hofner now offers a wide range of  Contemporary basses.  Hofner's Contemporary series, also know as the "CT Series" are light weight, easy to play and known for having great tone.  We are often asked to compare Hofner Contemporary Series basses vs. German Hofner basses.  There are a number of similarities and differences between a German Hofner and a CT Series bass.  Hofner does not currently have a German version of the Verythin and President basses so these comments are primarily directed at the club and violin basses which exist in both the Hofner CT and German lines.

All CT series bases have a spruce top and flame maple back and sides as do most German basses however German basses are made of a slightly higher grades of wood. CT basses (other than the President) have a center block for greater sustain and strength, German basses retain the original design and do not use a center block.

The exterior dimensions of German and CT series basses are basically the same however other than pickups most hardware is not interchangeable.  German basses offer German hardware and neck dimensions that are historically accurate creating reissues of particular 50's and 60's bass models while the CT is not a reissue of any particular model.

The CT series basses use the same German made Hofner staple and toaster style pickups most German built basses use.  Hofner Contemporary series basses come with round strings and black knobs rather than the traditional German flat wound strings and tea cup knobs.  We do offer an flat wound strings ($39) and teacup knobs ($39) as an upgrade.  The addition of flat wound strings will make CT basses sound very similar to a German bass.  CT series bases also have side dot markers on the binding which appeals to many players.  Other than the 5000/1 fretless bass German basses do not have side dot markers but our Luthier can add toothpick dots to German basses.

CT Club and Violin basses are offered in a wider variety of colors than German reissue basses.  The The CT series violin basses are available in sunburst and black while the CT clubs are available in sunburst, black and for a limited time trans cherry red. The only CT bass available in a lefty version is the CT Violin.  All German basses are available in left handed versions.

Tone is very similar due to the fact that both the CT Series and most German reissues share the same German built staple pickups.  The addition of flat would strings make it very difficult to tell the two apart.

CT basses are made in Asia in a Hofner approved factory which adheres to strict Hofner quality standards.  They use automation and modern construction techniques designed to enhance quality and lower cost.  German basses are hand crafted in Germany by experienced Luthiers with extensive craftsmanship and hand fitted quality.  All CT series basses have a 2 year Hofner factory warranty, the same warranty as Hofner German basses. 

Take your pick, the old school hand crafted Hofner German reissue bass or the amazing Contemporary series bass, you can't go wrong.

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hofner verythin new for 2011

Hofner Contemporary Bass - Verythin Bass HCT 5000/7

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Hofner Contemporary Bass - Verythin President 500/5

Hofner CT 500-1 violin bass
Hofner CT Contemporary Series Violin Bass HCT 500/1

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Hofner CT Contemporary Series Club Bass HCT 500/2


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