Vintage Hofner Guitar Photos

Hofner vintage bass and hofner guitar photos
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Vintage Hofner Bass and Electric Guitar Photos

  Hofner has been in busines for over 125 years.  Walter hofner introduced an electrically amplified bass in 1956 and Hofner has never looked back. 
  Here are a few interesting photos of vintage hofner guitars and basses.

A 1963 Hofner 173 guitar
173 solid body hofner guitar
Hofner Verythin Bass produced
from 1963 to 1971.  Hofner will be
releasing a new Verithin bass in 2011
2011 Verythin Bass
   verithin bass
An early 60's Club Bass
1955 Hofner 5000/1 Violin Bass.  Hofner currently has just started shipping a limited edition 1961 reissue.         
1966 President
         1966 vintage hofner president
1964 Hofner Congress Guitar
       1964 hofner congress
1963 Hofner Committee
     1963 hofner committee guitar
Nice vintage 1958 Hofner Committee Guitar with a Bigsby.
      1958 committee by hofner
We sell the hofner 500/1 beatle bass, reissue basses and hofner verithin guitars.       
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