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Hofner Warranty

Here's photo of a Hofner warranty Card. Text is also provided below the image. 


Guarantee Contents

1) The guarantee granted by us (Hofner, the manufacturer) on this Hofner instrument encompasses all defects in materials and workmanship that occur within two years from the date of purchase according to the terms listed hereafter.

2) Not included in this guarantee are: a) parts subject to wear and tear, especially the following: frets and strings b) damage due to force majeur or environmental influences (e.g. lacquer or wood cracks from improper temperature or humidity conditions, corrosive effects from perspiration acids) c) damage due to misuse of the instrument, especially faulty care and maintenance as well as external force d) damage caused by physical influence of all sorts e) instruments that have ben modified or repaired by an unauthorized person before the guarantee was claimed.

Guarantee Claims

1) Any guarantee claims for defects of material or workmanship have to be made immediately after they have been detected.

2) The customer assumes all the cost and risk of loss or damage during transport to and from the location where the guarantee claim is made or where the repaired instruments are returned.

3) Proof of purchase is required with all guarantee claims.

Other Terms

1) The guarantee is conclusively defined by the regulations stated above. The legal right of the buyer towards the seller is supplemented by this guarantee, Further claims, especially for damage or loss of any kind caused by the instrument or its use, are not covered by this guarantee.

2) Guarantee claims to the authorized dealer, from which this product was bought, are excluded after we have provided any service according to the terms of this guarantee.

3) This guarantee is in addition to and does not diminish your statutory or legal rights


Please note this warranty is offered by Hofner. 
All warranty claims and repairs are handled directly by Hofner.
Hofner does not allow dealers to perform in-warranty repairs.


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